7 Ways Marketers Can Prioritize Their Inbox and Stay Productive

You start work and first things first? — You check your emails. Then, you keep the email tab open all day and skip to it every time the new message counter lights up. Next thing you know, 28% of your workweek is obliterated by email. Let’s check some ways you can optimize your inbox and improve its management to boost the value of productivity. Why do you need to optimize your work with emails? Unless all your tasks revolve around doing emails all day (shout out to all the customer service specialists), there’s no point in living in your inbox….

A Guide to the Trait Theory of Leadership

Ask “What makes a great leader?” and you’ll get a different answer every time. For me, a great leader is empathetic, adaptable, and inspiring. For others, a great leader should be decisive, intelligent, and relatable. That meaning continues to evolve over time. One concept that has long been debated is whether leadership is innate or learned. Some see leadership as a black and white concept: Either you’ve got it or you don’t. But is that really true? In this article, we’ll explore the trait theory of leadership and what critics say about it. This idea, first introduced in the mid-1800s,…

The Value of Video: How Video Content Became a Key SEO Strategy For Businesses

Every second, people around the world make 93,939 Google searches. While that might sound like an enormous volume of web traffic, you’re competing for that traffic with over 1.8 billion other websites. So with so much competition, how can you stand out in search engine results? There are many tried-and-true SEO strategies you could try, but let’s focus on just one today: video SEO. Video search engine optimization (‘video SEO’) is the practice of creating video content that is effectively indexed and ranked by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If video SEO sounds interesting to you, read on….

Website Content Audit: What It Is & How To Do It (Checklists & Templates Included)

We’ve all been there. You know you have a ton of content, but you don’t know 1) what everything is, 2) where it is, or 3) if it’s even still any good. When your content management hinges on going to that one person you know did that one thing that one time to find it, it’s time for a content audit. Let’s be real. Conducting a website content audit can be a little intense. A lot intense, actually, if you have a lot of content or it’s been a really long time since someone did one. But they’re important—critical even—to…

Brainstorming Techniques: 15 Creative Activities to Do Solo or as a Team

We’re all familiar with traditional brainstorming as a way to produce new ideas. You sit in a room with a whiteboard and work with whatever comes to mind. Maybe you play a few rounds of word association to strengthen your ideas, or pull up Google and use research to flesh them out. But there are many alternative exercises for tackling problems and developing new ideas, both individually and in a group setting. Ranging from structured to silly, here are the best creative brainstorming exercises and techniques to help you get your problem-solving juices flowing. This list is a modified excerpt…