When you search for the definition of employee advocacy, it’s commonly described as the promotion of an organization by its staff members. It makes sense but covers only a fraction of the value that advocacy brings to your business. A well-oiled employee advocacy program can drive business performance in many different functions, including human resources, employer branding, employee communications, marketing, and sales. 

Employee advocacy software is becoming one of the must-have tools in every organization’s tech stack. As employee advocacy can go a long way in driving more brand awareness, generating more sales, improving internal communications, and building pools of high-quality job candidates, it is not surprising that employee advocacy is becoming an important strategy for many organizations.

Social media marketing is always changing and offering businesses new ways to connect with and engage their audience. We’ve compiled a list of 5 top social media marketing trends you need to consider to kick-start 2021! Some of them withstand the test of time and others have emerged in the last few years and continue growing: