The way employees communicate and collaborate has changed substantially in recent years. Employee engagement software is becoming more and more common in organizations of all sizes and for a good reason. Research shows that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by a whopping 202%. 

Deskless workers make a significant portion of the overall global workforce. Still, employers have a long way to go in empowering their deskless employees for success. Moreover, deskless workers are often “forgotten” by their employers who tend to be more focused on their deskbound employees. 

If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably caught on to the value an internal communications app can bring to your organization. Whether it’s employee experience, strategic alignment or simply getting the right information to the right employee at the right time, mobile apps have risen to the forefront of internal communications strategy in 2021.

The way employees work and collaborate has been disrupted and employee apps are the way to adapt to these new virtual working environments. With smart technology always in our pockets, employee apps are becoming more and more integrated into everyday business operations. The right set of workplace technology in the right hands can significantly improve your employees’ ability to do their jobs efficiently.

This year has been a massive challenge for everyone. The global pandemic turned our lives on their head. I won’t be listing all the bad things here. It’s not the purpose of this post, plus there is nothing new I can tell you. Instead, let’s look on the bright side for a moment and appreciate all the colossal effort of the frontline heroes. 🧡