The way employees work and collaborate has been disrupted and employee apps are the way to adapt to these new virtual working environments. With smart technology always in our pockets, employee apps are becoming more and more integrated into everyday business operations. The right set of workplace technology in the right hands can significantly improve your employees’ ability to do their jobs efficiently.

This year has been a massive challenge for everyone. The global pandemic turned our lives on their head. I won’t be listing all the bad things here. It’s not the purpose of this post, plus there is nothing new I can tell you. Instead, let’s look on the bright side for a moment and appreciate all the colossal effort of the frontline heroes. 🧡

During this year, upward communication in the workplace has become the most important type of internal workplace communications. As employers are worried about their employees’ wellbeing, safety and productivity while working from home, they want to show more empathy and open the space for their employees to speak up.