How to Set Up Ad Retargeting on Facebook

In college, I took an advertising class. It was helpful in teaching me what I needed to know about traditional advertising, but the social media portion wasn’t as expansive.  When we covered Facebook Advertising, for example, I found it difficult to follow along with a lack of examples and the lofty overview of content. Because of that, I decided to look online for a deeper take on the subject. I ended up watching a video that taught me the basics, and one that covered a subject I’d struggled with in class — retargeting.  The video first gave an overview of…

A Beginner’s Guide to Retargeting Ads

We’d all like to think that every single person that comes in contact with our business follows a very straight and orderly path to purchase. Someone visits our site for the first time, fills out a form to download an ebook, then becomes interested in talking with a sales rep, all in one session on your website. Minutes later, the sales rep reaches out to this lead, and before you know it, the lead is becoming a customer, handing over their credit card to purchase something from your company. But in reality, the buyer’s journey is probably not so linear….