The 15 Best WordPress Themes for Podcasters in 2021

The number of podcast listeners in the United States is expected to reach 100 million by 2024. (For context, there are 82.7 million listeners in 2021.)  Podcasts provide a source of convenient and intimate entertainment that’s only continuing to grow in popularity. While today’s most popular podcasts might vary significantly in terms of their content and hosts ( among other things ), they all share at least one thing in common — they each have their own website where fans can check out their latest episodes and seasons, info about live shows, biographies about the podcast’s hosts, and more details….

25 of the Best Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers in 2021

As a blogger, you want your website to reflect your unique voice and style. You also want visitors to have a positive experience navigating your site — that is, reading posts with ease, searching for topics of interest, and discovering other content that makes them excited to return. A WordPress blogging theme can help you achieve the exact look, feel, design, and layout you envision, without the need for coding. We’ve curated this list of our favorite free WordPress themes for bloggers like yourself — in no particular order — to consider using for your website. 1. Astra Astra is…